Product Manager

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Impiantistica / Macchinari / Oleodinamica / Pneumatica / Automazione/Elettronica


Commerciale / Vendite


Contratto a tempo indeterminato

Full time


Italia, Lombardia, Bergamo

Spinjob research a Product Manager.


Supports Business development, sales growth and worldwide market penetration of Polyurethane timing belts through the cooperation with the Sales Area Managers by providing strong technical application product management and strategy.

In coordination with the Sales Area Managers, manages the ongoing business applications portfolio on technical issues, helping defining opportunities for innovation and improvement. Collaborates closely with internal technical and R&D functions and operations to ensure efficiency and alignment throughout the entire value chain. Regularly reviews the product technical documentation and technical calculation software.

Monitors marketplace trends on product development including key customers, competitors, prime prospect and distributor activity to identify opportunities and threats.

Collaborates closely with internal Product Quality Assurance to ensure customer satisfaction in coordination with the Area Sales Managers.

Skills (manual, self expression, planning, organizing):

-Languages: Fluent in English required. Any additional from: German, French, & Spanish preferred;
-Leadership skills;
-Independent thinker and worker;
-Organized, detail oriented, disciplined and of irreproachable integrity;
-Good knowledge of Microsoft systems;
-Good verbal and written communication skills.

Education/Experience (minimum required):

Technical/engineering qualification +5 years experience in an engineering role in a mechanical/automation environment.


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